The Discovery of Mind & Its Natural Power to Create (law of attraction)

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  1. Recommended Video: How the Mind Influences Reality + 3 Ways to Control Manifestation

  2. R M Bandaratilaka

    Mind and Body “the two different existence” – explained very well. Thank you SO much.

  3. Very deep thank you.

  4. makes where this comes from when gematria encoded. here

  5. gematria encoding

  6. This channel is very valuable to me! Thank you for the videos.

  7. perfect analysis.. thanks

  8. These videos are beautiful, I used to look at the time of the video and think to myself “I don’t want to sit here and watch/listen to all 15 minutes. It’s too long.” Through practice I absorb all this information effortlessly by being in the present moment at all times. I have learned that, when you let the illusion of time make a mark on your conscious. It is literally impossible to listen or focus on these words. I’ve watched almost 100 videos on this channel and some, multiple times. This channel has completely changed my life. I used to let my thoughts run rampant and felt as if they had complete control over me. I read the daily secret and it speaks of this as well. Master your thoughts and you master your inner being. I feel as if mastering my thoughts is the greatest single thing I’ve done as a human being to date. You have a choice. Outside circumstances can be looked at by two different human beings at the same time, but, can be seen completely differently. Earth and life is but a mere perception of the mind. The more you think good and can hold that, the better your life is going to be. The more negative thoughts your harness, the more negativity will manifest in your life. It is now a pleasure to be able to exercise my mind and fully envelop in the Law of Attraction, as well as the infinite mind and just being aware of it is truly life changing. I know all of you human beings out there are on the same road as I am. The road to figuring out who you are. Every human being is coded a certain way, no two are the same. So in term, just because one thinks negatively does not mean you cannot look at the same thing and think positively. Not only will positive thinking transform your life, but I believe it can help transform someone else’s as well. No matter the circumstances, stay true to yourself, know your truth, as they vary from person to person. I wish and pray for all of humanity in finding this law and being able to live a happy, joyful and loving lifestyle through always being conscious of your thoughts and always thinking positively, no matter what happens. God bless all of you.

  9. Crazy plays minecraft

    The music tho 😭😣😫

  10. Will you ever show the male voice behind some of your videos? Ive seen you, the blonde lady, but who is the narrator on this track? Just curious…I love everything YourUniverse produces sooo informative and elevating

    • The male narrator is my son. We are currently working on a monthly member subscription where we will show some behind-the-scenes video with him on it. I’ll make an announcement when it’s ready to launch. Thank you for your kind words and support! 🙏

    • Your Youniverse Thank you. I appreciate your quick response. You actually read the comments. I forgot to add, the reason why I asked about him was because everytime I hear him there is a conviction and strength in his voice that conveys confidence. Really good energy in his tone. No timidity, but solid like….”i know my sh**”…lol…ok thats enough commenting…Ciao!

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