The Greatest Secret Of Man-Kind! (Who we really are!)

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  1. These words have been hidden in plain sight to many . These words have hidden from the masses to control us .Shakespeare said best .THE fault lyes not in our stars but in our selves . When mankind comes to this understanding we will wake from the slumber and make this planet a paradise inwhich it could so easily be .Dr dyer Im sure you can hear my thoughts let me simply say I love you and miss you dear kind sir shalom .

  2. we are god. we are 100% love.

  3. A half truth is a whole lie. Anybody that says that you have to “experience a truth” to authenticate it is misleading you.

  4. @Serene Kai ,We all have a soul and we all are creations of god that are different expressions of God himself experimenting with life and basically we are just God experimenting with himself.I don’t know Serene if you are an old soul or not,but after the short 21 years I lived this life I know that a soul who understands the truth deep enough shouldn’t laugh at the others, cause they are also reflections of God experimenting to find the truth in their own way using their life’s choice and we have no right to laugh at their choice but rather respect the long perilous path they are taking towards the truth which is their choice.

  5. vann én én vagyok :))))) ti pedig drogosok, alkoholisták, digitális stricik, embercsepészek maffia leszerom :))))) vegetáriánianusok akik fuvet esznek. hogyan ti ezt bemutatátok :)))) gratulálok nektek hogy ez a ti csodálatos, tisztességes, tiszteletre mélto, emberséges, etikus, joságos, jolét, szeretetteles, gazdag, csodálatos életetetk amit ajánlotok mindenki számára :))))

  6. Question if you are God than please create a Universe for me.

  7. so why do all these religious nuts insist on saying its ok to murder and eat animals – thou shall not kill is disregarded

  8. I am blessed, I am content, I am grateful, I am love, I am I am. God is beautiful. Thanks for this beautiful message 🙌 💖

  9. I Am good looking

  10. You know you’re doing a good job right?

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