The Hidden Truth About Your Imagination! by Neville Goddard (POWERFUL!)

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  1. I AM A Seer Prophet

  2. I have a big problem…
    I know my desire very clearly..But I can’t select my wish fulfilled scene …
    What should I do??

  3. ‘lord’ translates to baal, jesus translates to hail zeus Rome’s false messiah and god is a title, and comes from gAd an Egyptian pagan deity. so thats all nonsense Messiahs name is YAHusha halleluYAH! The Master.

  4. This was great. Thank you. I only wish the audio quality was better.

  5. Listening to this message. Reading the comments. It’s no coincidence that I am looking at a reflection of self. I Am Blessed and Highly favored

  6. I AM…

  7. The beautyfull voice and speak style of Neville Goddard!!!!!

  8. Have you read the book, The Laws of the Spirit World? Or the Silver Birch books? These books present the real truth to our world!! They are the truth and only the truth, And answer all the questions we all have about our world and the Spirit World!! God Bless!!

  9. Thank you for posting this magnificent gift. Namaste🙏🏾💎👸🏾.

  10. Didn’t we chose this life before we enter into the body and all aspects of it? Meaning: Was being rich part of it!

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