“The Importance of Forgiveness & The Subconscious Mind”

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  1. Intercessor Moses

    There is no devil. It’s all in your mind.

    (In ,”There is no spoon” boy’s voice in the Matrix movie)

  2. Intercessor Moses

    There is nothing that exists outside us except our consciousness. Christianity is a mind control program. No God, no Jesus, no Devil just consciousness. If we prune our consciousness, we would discover that we control everything and we are everything. All in all, the I AM, that is what you are

  3. Thank you for this video…so many ppl really needs to hear this and practice to forgive. .to many ppl are angry and hateful 💖👍

  4. Thank you so much for this.

  5. 🙏❤️

  6. Wow!!! That was a great video thanks.

  7. This was great.

  8. Jae Martinez-Lugo
  9. Forgive peoples , ALLAH forgive you

  10. Hate and anger does more damage to yourself than it does to those you hate or are angry towards. Hate and anger damages your health and if you harbor those feelings for a long time, it can do serious, life-altering damage.

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