The Impression of Increase

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  1. Mr.Bob Procto My name is Paulin I’m 21 years old form Albania. Couple days ago I haven see your video in youbut and for me was amazing video and immediatetly I have registered in your page,and you give me a book call “You where born rich” I started to read, honestly I don’t like very much to read but this book was interesting because the things I can learn I can use in my live or daily live.I loved this book and I’m steal reading now I’m in the middle.I loved to have one of copy the book call “Think and grow rich”because you talk so much about that book and I have heard about that.But the problem is I don’t have any money for a moment because I have my brother with cancer and we are in Italian for the moment and have to pay everything,My dad get 200$ in month and so many things like that. Please please Mr. Pocrtor can to give me the book free I really wanted that book,if I have them money I have buy that not to send you a massage. Please give me this opportunity PLEASE PLEASE.Don’t ignore this massage

    • Hey Paulin,
      “Think and Grow Rich” is in the Public Domain. You can read it online or download it here:
      I hope I could help you, even though I’m not Bob. πŸ™‚
      Let me give you some advice concerning your personal success. If you concentrate on your shortcomings, like you did in your comment, you will only increase them. Don’t talk about them. Just think, feel, be and behave like you want your life to be. Your imagination is the key. I’m absolutely sure you can rise like Phoenix out of the ashes. Have great day.

    • +Syntax975 Thank you πŸ‘

  2. WOW!! It sure do sounds like the 30 days test of Earl Nightingale in “The Magic Word”
    I’ll read the SGR book again! Thanks!!!!

  3. i love this guy, you motivate me so much sir! God bless you!

  4. Thank you so much for all you do Mister Procter.Β  I am so grateful.

  5. Thanks a lot sir. Each and every word what you have said is true. It’s so magical. Thanks again. Wish to meet you soon sir πŸ™‚

  6. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

  7. I love your video, so much inspiration here!

  8. Thanks Bob for such inspirational video. Much appreciated

  9. Thank you sir

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