The Law of Attraction “Bridge” Technique (Manifest ANYTHING FAST Like THIS!) [POWERFUL!]

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  2. jeraldina chaplin

    Catch the feeling, follow the waves and bring them in present and creat future with that positive. wowwwww

  3. Thank you so much for sharing !!! I felt a very warm sensation in my whole body and also my le voy of joy was amazing! Thank you thank you !!!

  4. Level Up Your Life

    I LOVE this great reminder! use a memory and travel back to it in your mind so that you can relive it and embody all of the wonderful emotions that were in that moment! That is such a lovely and simple way to raise your frequency to that point that you want to manifest again!

  5. Amazing content. I traveled back to when i got a well paid job and I moved the feeling to the future when i am more abundant and lived happily ever after

  6. What a great technique.. please more of like this one❤

  7. Now it has 55 comments.

  8. Traveling Barber

    Thank you

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