The Law Of Attraction: What it is, and what it isn’t!

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  1. And yet banks *print “money” **_out of thin freaking Air_* !
    By the way. I Like this video, absolutely encourage more:)

    • +Alexandro And for every millionaire – how many people literally have *nothing* because of that _ONE PERSON_ who has just a million?

  2. Is there a negative version of “The Law of Attraction”? I have noticed where someone was giving me something negative then they later received something negative and the one thing that stood out was the impeccable timing of the events. It was as though there was a cause and effect.

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    I’m really confused about this, I thought she said “as a man thinketh so he is, proverbs 23:7, it is through thinking that a man forms that which he has in life, proverbs 23,7” but neither of those say in the bible what she said.

  4. If things just appeared that would be boring but when you work to get it you appreciate it that much more because you think back on all the work you did to get. Example: People who say they want to lose weight and those who actually go out and lose the weight. They put their thoughts into action. It is not enough to just say or think, what are you doing? What word is in ATTRACTION? ACTION! Get it? Don’t just say or think, DO! We have too many weak-willed folks in society and it is sad.

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  6. I agree..but in top of it all you need to TAKE ACTION. Nothing will work unless you do.

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  8. all of this reminds me of
    1Timothy 4:1 wake up!!

  9. Lucky me the 999 thumbs upper LOL 🌞🌠

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