The Law of Creation by Joseph Murphy!

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  1. R we not our own creators? There4 R we not God?

  2. His audiobooks: Miracle power of infinite riches and The cosmic power within, here on YouTube. Listened 10 times and will another 10. Life changing books ❤

  3. Thought is God

  4. Wasnt he a student of Abdullah, the teacher of Neville Goddard?

  5. Dr. Joseph Murphy 🙋🏻
    Phenomenal Teachings
    Loved his book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

  6. Shout out to this brother, Neville and Dr. Ernest Holmes for changing my life and thanks Justin.

  7. When will my desire to leave this existence FOREVER happen???

  8. I love this!!!

  9. Wish if this video exists in a good voice in some reality and I manifest it in my quantum bubble 😉😂

  10. MindScienceAlchemy

    Beautiful. Your content is consistently divinely inspiring

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