The Master Key System Charles F. Haanel Part 10 (Law of Attraction)

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  1. Recommended Video: If You CHANGE YOUR SELF IMAGE You’ll CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (My First Time on Camera)

  2. Great video I spread love an positivity daily an also share my 3rd eye experiences daily on my YouTube channel subscribe @kdbandzteam

  3. I eat these up like candy everytime I see a new one released! Although I haven’t seen the new one with a woman on camera. I listen to them while I sleep 🙂 Thanks for Everything. This is working out great for me!

  4. Is anyone else having an issue visualizing a cone on the wall with the square bottom? If not, can you please give me some tips?

    • Jaqen H’gar. I think you,draw a 3d square then draw a circle in it. Then put a dot in the circle and bring it to you. Its to help visualization. And to give your creating abilities a jumpstart.
      That’s why he’s telling you to change the colors. Most people have trouble with visualization.

    • Jaquen we did this in a group and lots of us had trouble with this visualization, for some it came easy. Keep practicing it will come. Even a small victory is a big step! Peace.

  5. Really awesome visualization technique.

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