The Most Powerful mind technique ~The Silva Mind Method

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  1. cool lil eyelid meditation session, 432Hz out!

  2. Master Vibration22

    My father told me about this. He’s the man. I love him so much thanks for sharing

  3. Good morning from india

  4. 편안한 음악 - Soothing Music

    I wish that you never have to struggle for peace again.

  5. This is amazing ufff in 10 minutes I got 1 hours to 2 hours relaxation …. Thank you sooo much ….love this thing

  6. Smoker's Advocate

    Appreciate you this video was very helpful

  7. Such a relaxed and beautiful space we enter anytime – thank you 🙌🌟🕊😘

  8. Read this years ago. Thanks for the reminder. I remember loving Silva.

  9. Change your thinking and believe is the most powerful technique. It’s instant

  10. Justin you always enlightening the media with hope
    Thank you

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