The Power Of I-AM (Chapter 4) – The 2 Most Powerful Words!

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  1. It is as am I. I am what was once of one man. The Jesus of belief in the being that is of love, within me is the intelligence of that life. I was an empirical realist when in 2003, with a profound forgiving of a man, I had the experience of Trinity, when at once I merged with knowledge that is what I know of a spirit of the being of the biblical mention named Jesus. I also know that that of which is a collective of God, or Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, in that we as humanity imagine as such intellect, is not just a static field, it is dynamic, it grows with our awareness, and that my perception of these concepts is not exposed to be my attempt at changing the view of others for manipulation in any way. Independent study, open mind, listening without predudice, finding the synchronous moment in time, freedom to see a creator using your mind to add to this in the hopes to grow humanity with the love that is all Creation, or initial thought, wants to be known that man could do nothing to lose the love, no incarnation or manifestation of life has to know loss of this love or denied passage into the Second Dimensional Plane : that which was before time is isolation. Imagine that and know not one could be left in the darkness when there is the created Biuniversal house, the remarkably strong of evolution, the treasured life of 🌍 Earth, who have not known of myself, may know there is infinite time with linear time. Know that I want all life on Earth considered precious, taking care to aim to stress no one, I can talk for 25 years and not cover the breadth of what lies ahead of mankind if we can rededicate the name of Jesus with correcting what was written wrong, perceptions that were unclear clarified, imperfections that are beauty in truth, and expect gas from the ass to be fragrantly unpleasant.

  2. I don’t use profanity all that often unless it’s emphasis adjective or expression usually in a comical statement. But this President is using technology to make me act on a technological thought. Putting thoughts in my head at a high rate. Erasing a thought, creating an evil or disrespectful thought, random thought that doesn’t make sense. To embarrass me. Destroying 90 billion 900 million braincells. I had to manifest and create 100 billion braincells. Or GOD created these as I AM an extension to GOD the all knowing the all love the Glorified Giver, holiest Giver, all Giver always giving

  3. man your a liar those cars arent yours

  4. MY IDENTITY IN CHRIST WHO AM I AS GOD SEES ME (What Christ have accomplished in my life)
     I am a child of God. Rom. 8:16.

    I am a child of light and not of darkness. 1Thess. 5:5

    I am delivered from the power of darkness. Col. 1:13

    I am born of the incorruptible seed of God’s word. 1Pet. 1:23

    I am born of God and the evil cannot touch me. 1Jn. 5:18

    I am blest with all the spiritual blessings.  Eph. 1:3

    I am an heir of God since I am His child. Gal. 4:6,7

    I am a joint-heir with Christ with His inheritance. Rom 8:17

    I am a passer by to this world. John. 17:16

    I am a member of the chosen generation. 1Pet. 2:9,10

    I am Christ’s friend. Jn.15: 5

    I am an ambassador of Jesus Christ. 2Cor. 5:20

    I am God’s minister. 1Pet. 2:9

    I am a servant of Righteousness. Rom. 6:18

    I am a new creation. 2Cor. 5:17

    I am the salt of this earth.  Matt. 5: 13

    I am the light of this world.  Matt. 5:14

    I am God’s handiwork, His masterpiece. Eph. 2:10

    I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit. 1Cor 3:16

    I am never left nor forsaken by God.  Isa.  41:10

    I am dead to sin and alive in Christ. Rom. 6:6,11

    I am the enemy of the devil. 1Pet. 5:8

    I am strong in Christ 1Jn. 2:4

    I am more than a conqueror. Rom. 8:37

    I have been redeemed from the curse of the law. Gal. 3:13

    I have been delivered from the power of darkness. Col. 1:13

    I have the authority to cast out evil spirits. Matt. 10:1

    I have all power over all the power of the enemy. Lk. 10:19

    I have been granted all that pertains to life and godliness. 2Pet 1:3

    I have immeasurable power of God within me. Eph. 1:9

    I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me. Phil. 4:13

    I am created to be the temple of God, His dwelling place. 1Cor. 6:16

  5. I AM appreciative

  6. I Am Untouchable, ¥


    • Paulette you’re a liar. Prove it with scriptural teaching. I can prove to you it’s correct. The scripture says let it be unto you according to your faith


  9. Use the Power of I AM… What follows your I AM… follows you…

  10. I AM a bad motha fucka

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