The Power Of Visualization! – by Rev. Ike

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  1. thank you

  2. Neville Goddard! Love him too! These teachers are gold!

  3. carolyn leonard

    Believe for my home today and my New BMW 2018 Convertible Car 3 million dollar

  4. A true master before his time. RIP

  5. One of my favorites rev Ike.. the most powerful books for visualization “The resurrection Neville Goddard “next to the Bible that’s my favorite book 📖

  6. Tai lopez made an Ad on YouTube saying affirmations don’t but I believe he’s wrong

  7. The more you use the power of your mind the less you have to use the power of your behind !! Lol. He is a legend. God creates through my imagination. – game changer! 💓🙏🏽

  8. Keith Thomas pablo

    Now I visualize 10 millions comming to me with love and enjoyment in a never ending cycle.

  9. Keith Thomas pablo

    Legendary rev.ike change my face feelings and appearance in life ..

  10. Yes Amen WOW It’s Done

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