The Scientific POWER of Thought & Emotion To CREATE A NEW REALITY! (Law of Attraction)

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  1. Recommended Video: REPROGRAM Your Mind & BECOME A MATCH To What You Want!

  2. The video is awesome and amazing thanks….

  3. I thought I have done this/tried this. It either is ‘a bunch of crap’ or I just wasn’t ‘believing’ strongly enough. I feel I was, for years I have tried Everything to stop/control my seizures. The doc, multiple meds, organic, brain surgery and this mental state/belief and nothing…..I still have them for 20+ years now. I thought i had it with this mental state of ‘Belief’, had a major seizure just after finishing work and the cops found me thinking I was on crack or some drug and I was stuck in the hospital under ‘crazy’ care (as I call it), being hand cuffed the whole time till the hospital’s Mental Evaluation- when it’s on many files of my medical condition. Not being sarcastic in an any way, just sharing my thought of confusion.

  4. 🎩

  5. How come some people disliked this?! Me is liking it 🙂

  6. thank you for doing what you do. b blessed

  7. Can you help me harness higher powers because I want unlimited power. Power that gives me the ability to do more than just time traveling

  8. I am looking for something to help overcome stage fright for a vocalist. Anyone have something they would recommend?

    • Risenson Inthesky yeah I do. Not specifically for that. But this changed my life in the sense that you can overcome anything. If you understand the fundamental teachings of this you will be succesfull in anything you put on.

    • mauritz joubert Really appreciate you sharing this with me and will check it out.

  9. I like this video because it is very practical.

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