The Secret to FULLY Engaging Your Subconscious Mind for FAST Manifestation! | Law Of Attraction

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  2. You missed a biggy: Gratitude.

  3. My mother taught me this technique when I was very young. 😊 I, not once, thought about using this technique for anything else 🤔🤔 I will definitely use this for something else in my life. 😊👌🏾

  4. Right now I’m doing Neville Goddard exercise I’m in 3rd day……. But instead of writing that ladder affirmation somewhere I wrote it on my hand

  5. Christison Deva Elieser

    I KNEW ITT!! I was about to pull off my desire and BOOMM.. I knew that I should exaggerate!

  6. BÍĞ ŢÕÝŚ çâřş

    I am depressed anybody help me

  7. The BEST WAY to fully engage your subconscious mind is to get into a deeper brain wave state. Usually we are in BETA. But if you can get into ALPHA, THETA and DELTA, you will EASILY be able to shift your subconscious beliefs. Practice any mindful activities, get into the present moment more and your brainwave state will NATURALLY ascend. Thank you. Peace.

  8. Eric Maldonado-Avendano

    Visualization is cheating.

  9. I really have difficulty to wake up in the morning, so,this came up at the divine time :),i’ll try this trick as of today. Thanks, Jessica 🌻

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