The SECRET to Having It ALL! 5 Ways to DEVELOP an ABUNDANCE MINDSET (law of attraction)

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  1. Your Youniverse

    Recommended Video: Using Present Moment Awareness to RAISE Your VIBRATION & CHANGE Your REALITY!

  2. I am abundance I have Abundance Im Fulfilled in All areas of Life

  3. I have to make one more positive comment! I absolutely love your channel and love listening to some of these videos over and over again! They really are making a difference in my life and I appreciate that more than you know!

  4. Wonderfully Abundant Video

  5. Samantha Skelly

    Such a great video! Cultivating an abundance mindset really can change your life. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and practical tips!

  6. Nice Video

  7. I think these are some of the more complete and simply put videos on you tube on the subject. Good stuff!. But what I find odd is these videos are aimed to help us of those in need to transform our thinking, thus transforming our reality and personality. But I find some people who are wealthy don’t practice these philosophies or ideas. I was having a conversation with a well to do older guy not to long ago and I brought up loa and meta physics and things of that nature and he just shrugged it off as if it wasn’t of any importance. So I started to think maybe it’s for us who are mentally messed up about life and money and have to be reprogrammed. The ones who already there so to speak are just naturals at this so much that it doesn’t even stand out on their radar. Must be nice lol.

  8. Sophana Maneechote

    Thank you for your videos, as usual 😊

  9. This one is reeeaaallly good!

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