The SECRET to MANIFESTING ANYTHING You Want With The Law Of Attraction! (In As Little as 24 Hours!)

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  1. Happy Holidays to All! πŸ™
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    • Your Youniverse
      what are the resources need to implement this process

    • Many Blessings may Beautiful Blessings cover Gaia

    • Who are you and where on what road
      Drop your heavy load
      So you can live better
      And then share of yourself
      Because the rest
      Are brothers from other mothers
      Each, child’s world as well
      Not ours to harm
      In small or big ways
      Instead let’s inspire them to dream
      Then the one they pick
      We can help them try
      Always encouraging them to ask why
      So we could tell them from wisdom inside
      Then what you say falls on deaf ears, just sigh
      And know you told them

      And us (hope you care and)
      Need to stop fear ( creates a wave)
      Because that fear ( spins askew)
      Created by others grew ( trapping ourselves)
      And so we help ( reach your minds eye)
      Reverse lessons from youth ( forced to believe)
      We seek the truth ( create our thought waves)
      Before we eat the pie (each one gets one slice)

      Each, person’s Earth as well
      Not theirs to harm
      But to protect by
      Inspiring others and their dreams
      Then the one they pick
      We can help them try
      Always encouraging them not to lie
      So they can listen from the wisdom inside
      Then they can learn to hear with deaf ears
      No more sighing
      And know you tried to help them

  2. My mom has amazing short and long term memory and it is exciting and we are filled with happiness and gratitude! YAY!

  3. Wow! Absolutely loved this! Thank you so much for another amazing video! Gonna try this now!!!!

  4. I am becoming a master…of myself.


  6. Great video. Very helpful information presented in a video that has crystal clear sound , which I greatly appreciate. Thanks for this video !!!!

  7. this is gold πŸ‘‘πŸ’°πŸŒ±πŸŒžπŸ’Ž

  8. Has anyone tried this if so did it work for you?

  9. Health without doctors

    The seed analogy is perfect. We don’t wish, we expect and we’re not surprised if it happens, we’re surprised if it doesn’t. That’s the trick.

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