The Speech That Broke The Internet! (A MUST SEE)

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  1. Wake Up with Tierra Scott

    If you want to change you life and live the American Dream @Wake up with Tierra Scott …

  2. Interesting videeyo

  3. Old Dudes Wisdom - Life requires Wisdom Channel

    The internet is Broken, so I am outside today 😊

  4. This channel appeared in my feed and looked interesting, so I subbed on a whim. I hadn’t watched any vids until this one, the title caught my eye. Now that I see it’s a laughable pile of conspiracy BS I happily delete it.

    • I’ve been enjoying this channel for the past month and this felt out of left field. Conspiracy theories are not my thing. Super disappointed. . .

  5. “Never wish life was easier, Wish You were Better.” Jim Rohn

  6. This is really a powerful video…..I enjoy watching your videos I wish to be able to grow my channel and become like you one day

  7. They are eating bats to gain superpowers it comes from aboriginal heritage the true Egyptians were the aboriginals they are taking their heritage away in Australia blowing mines up they are ruining spirituality which comes from ley lines and marijuana and solfeggio frequencies it’s demonic and they aren’t telling the truth god stands for good orderly direction they worship the devil

  8. I really learn from you

  9. Very inspirational

  10. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    1:38 dandy

  11. THEY LIVE👍

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