The True Message of Jesus! (What religion doesn’t want you to know!)

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  1. Nice to see that others have concluded the same as myself.
    But you have to KNOW the truth born of studdy and research. Believe in the conclusions of others regardless how commited that faith may be allows no use the truth allows you. Know the truth and use it. believe or have faith in the truth and be doomed to wonder at the seekers who know!

  2. so…once saved always saved?~

  3. “Emotion is energy in motion” brilliant just brilliant

  4. what pagan ritual is this, they should rot, cause hell is not ready for them, so just rot in the meantime and fade away while your reaching for he’ll, cause they are not waiting for your rotting flesh, so take your hands back? you have the nerve to speak on our behalf like this.

  5. Is that Esther Hicks?

  6. Interesting take on the first “sin”. Here is another one, what if as the scriptures say, the serpent told Adam and Eve a “lie” that when they ate the fruit of the tree of good and evil they will know “right” from “wrong” and they would be like God. Let’s not forget, it was a LIE. and yes as this video says, they discovered the first moment where they could make a choice. Yet even here there is something missing, I am not saying it is not True but it is incomplete, it is still, isolated and “separated”. The point here is to really know who we are and what is that which we call “myself”. Remembering that the promise of the knowledge of good and evil was a LIE and thus has never existed. In other words mankind does not know good or evil, what we think of evil is only a fraction of what can possibly be evil. As we think with any duality We falsely believe we know cold, but we have never experienced as cold as it can get, and the same with hot. Then again, we have been lied to, and we do not have the intelligence to judge good from evil as the Father does, yet all authority to judge has been given to the Son, but what is the the ONLY judgment we are able to make? what is the only choice we are allowed to make? Or in other words, what is the area of our so called “free will”? None of this questions can possibly be answered without knowing first Who asks the questions. Until then all the talks about “yourself”, “myself” and all the attributions of power and capacity to manipulate matter, etc. are far from having any real application or manifestation other than in the way they have been used so far. As I said, what it is said here is not untrue just incomplete, so all that power of emotion, prayer, fear and all that have only a fraction of the power they could have. Specially fear being so far the most powerful one, yet because it does not have nor it is meant to have it, the power of the Knowledge of the the One Who really yields the Power, then the effects and manifestations are greatly reduced and take a long time. In resume before we put so much attention on “ourselves” and speaking of “all the power we have”, and so forth, first find out truly Who is this “myself” and who the one that asks the question. Are there two? and when you became two, what would you do?

  7. Without thoughts there is no creaton.
    The creator master of thoughts give me power love and light.

  8. There is a Devil who rebelled against God, the Devil is a Spirit Being ( ARCHANGEL) that hates man kind, God would never kill innocent babies🚼.

  9. i love god, but this narrator is too fucking much.. If i listen to this ill shoot my self. this is so bullshit. You don’t understand GOD and reality. THIS IS BULLSHIT!

  10. Root word for government is mind control FYI government n religion go hand and hand sirians made religion is a indoctrination control system

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