This Interview Might Change The World! | Captain Randy Cramer on “YouAreCreators” Podcast!” Ep 1

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  1. This needs millions of views

    • hermusicsoundsgood

      kristabistaify no because then certain powers may not want that and then can decide to remove Justin’s channel or block the channel. So no you don’t want that. Remember he said a small percentage will not get it. So if anything you want the CORRECT people who are READY to know this to view it ., start using that tool between your two shoulders and stop leasing with emotions

  2. What he’s saying is coming to past right now. Wow. 47:00 😳 #ripamaudarbery #ripgeorgefloyd

  3. The Tales From The Heart Project

    Seems as if Randy was right about his vision of a civil war/unrest happening. This historical purge is swift and real.

    It also confirms that we need to go deep within to change the narrative. Let us all continue to “tend to our own gardens” in order to co-create with this divine and charged energy until a new day is born 🙏🏽✨🙏🏽

  4. i undestand now “wait for it”

  5. Even if all the alien thing is questionable, the man has profound and deep understandig of psychcology and he is right with all of his analystic statemanents. Mankind is connected thrue the same simple but high effitent network that functions on the same rules like swarm itelligence does. Everything is connected and interacting with every breath we take. Water is the key to all information, even in our breath. Chapo Mr. Cramer, good job and thx for your honesty and you belives.

  6. Check-out CYRUS A. Parsa, he just SUED Obama, google, Clinton…..Maybe U can interview him too

  7. PlayStation Player

    I had to sign a non disclosure agreement to hear about telecomms stuff, 2 weeks before they are announced.
    Yet this guy in the super space marine program that fights aliens on Mars can sit on youtube and tell all about secret alien programs.
    Seems legit. Hook,line and sinker for me

  8. Man called it that the riots would happen 2 months before they did, he obviously knows his shit

  9. Reptilian Lives Matter lol

  10. Capt K is the man

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