This Should Be Taught In Every School! (Change Your Life Forever!)

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  1. the problem is: why so many genuine kind/lovely people attract narcssists? film `virgin spring’ put it well.especially girls, when u think positive and trusting, u dont attract good people but horrible things happen! this is reality.

  2. Only LOVE is Real

    What a great explanation of this!! This totally explains why random strangers have been complementing me…even Walmart yesterday! Leaving man made religions have allowed me to see clearly, to THINK again, to LOVE ALL without judgement, to be FREE…raising my vibration more daily!! Thanks for your work!! 💝

  3. We must also understand that thought is composed of our EGO make up – the stories we tell ourselves, our attitudes, come from both individual conditioning and collective human experience. Getting to the Source behind our various egos demands NO THOUGHT for periods of centering. THEN, we can direct our thought toward positive pathways. The idea of “not enough” is an almost universal dialog with humans. Its not the truth, but certainly directs thought. Once our egos are quiet, we can understand this is false conditioning and know how to redirect. I sure appreciate your teachings, Justin Namaste

  4. VerdaderaStern RECORDS

    Thanx Justin. It really works. We all can feel ourselves as a transmitter that is always receiving the same it’s transmitting

  5. i feel like resting in peace.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you. I have listened and watched lots of videos trying to understand living multi dimensional lives at one time. I got it. That is so awesome thank you

  7. Thank You

  8. I am a tax right off to day.

  9. Your videos are legit saving me thank you Justin

  10. Justin BROTHER LOVE can I PLEASE do workshops of your work in my castle in the foothills of LA? Along with 432 sound healing music organic essential oils fresh farmed food HUGS and LOVE….for the sake of all CoCreators Manifested Ones Dreamers Believers I LOVE YOU…these are Tears of Pure Opulent LOVE and HONOR..Humbled to CoCreate This BEAUTIFUL OPPORTUNITY of LOVE Emoto Style..

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