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    • Just ordered it! I was hoping you would come out with something like this.

      Towards being in vibration, when a person watches a romance they will be more inclined to be in vibration with love and therefore more apt to attract a partner, right?

      Given the context of most films though, the majority of the film being in pursuit of that love or other stressful conditions surrounding love capped by achieving it, would you agree most films do not assist with helping one vibrate at the right frequency?

      Or does being in that frequency of pursuit, then the payoff, result in a vibrational experience that is a net gain over where you would be if you had not taken the time to vibe with the movie?

    • Thank you for your support, Thomas. Chasing something does not put you in the vibrational energy of “having” it. Movies and television will often trigger many different emotions. It’s all a matter of perception and how you feel internally about what you are viewing. If you can stay with end result of achievement, then you are in alignment with your goal. 🙂

    • +Your Youniverse Yeah, good point. We all know how it’s going to end so I guess your not in a deep “chasing”, or lack vibe.

  2. 😎🤔🤗

  3. Hi Jessica! Thanks again for another video that helped to increase my level of self awareness. I’ve been practicing a discipline of recognizing ONLY the situations that I want more of in my life. This new habit has been a challenge, but living out of the consciousness that I am c-creator has made it fun. Blessings!!

  4. this is the bomb!

  5. Alexander Immortal

    Just what i needed for today

  6. Watching from Brazil

  7. IAM GOD IAM. Made in the image 😁 of GOD ALMIGHTY. we are powerful spirits always have been always will be.

  8. Awesome video!!! Thank you

  9. Love all you do Jessica. I’ve learned to element all negative thoughts from my mind. When a negative experience enters my area of life, I analyze it and turn it into a positive force that benefits me and the path I’m on.

  10. thank you

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