Thoughts Create Reality – Key Thoughts To Consider Changing – Wayne Dyer (law of attraction)

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  2. Thank you for the upload. 🙂

  3. someone loan me ten thousand dollars and that will change my life I will owe you forever

  4. 👍 ‘s

  5. Paul A. Jules III

    Hello to the creator of this channel. Unfortunately I have found myself resistant to content narrated by anyone other than yourself and the gentleman on whom you relied on for earlier videos. Nevertheless I appreciate your work.

    • Thank you for your feedback Paul! The channel has evolved quite a bit, so some of the older videos are different. I have the intention of being the narrator from this point forward. Hope that helps you decipher! -Jessica

    • Paul A. Jules III

      You are most welcome Jessica, and thank you for devoting time to reply, it is greatly appreciated, perhaps you might find the time for us to become better acquainted, I have not had a pen-pal in ages (lol), I can be contacted at if you are so inclined. Your work has been incredibly helpful in my re-collecting my Self. Thank you and….Cheers!

  6. The day u were born there was a ladder created so u can return that ladder is called Jacobs ladder aka tree of life kabbalah

  7. I left everything and went to Maui ? how do you live in Maui, one of the most expensive islands in the pacific, detaching of everything material ? In this years many prophets arise, your words are not the problem, your facts are. Try to detaching from everything, get in the streets, share the shelters with homeless people, learn from their happiness, cause just, when you have nothing can find the everything, valuing the life itself.

  8. Thank you
    That was very comforting to know how ones life owt to be and to ensure to live by it

  9. 1 Man 52 Cards. Liam Walsh Magic. ✨


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