Three 5th Dimension MANIFESTATION TECHNIQUES That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (law of attraction)

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  2. Big thanks to you.your videos make it much more easier to understand.lots of love 💖

  3. Winonah Littlebeech

    Thank you

  4. Super hyper ninja

  5. I just want my own house.

  6. 11:11 Angel 999, 1010 and 777 and 888 Angels and Powerful Vibrarions already manifested to me and I’ve been seeing them not only in my meditations but in reality (in any form like time, room numbers in the Buildings, House numbers, plate numbers, number of notifications and many more). I have experienced already everything that was being instructed and narrated in here before I actually watched this video.. I am Blessed and I am one of the Powerful Children of the Universe. I have witnessed the 5D Gamma Dimensions.. and I am grateful to that.. Be blessed everyone…

  7. Don’t believe in manifesting.Unity magnifies the conscious sight.Bubbles are connecting by desire to know more. Unlocking the memories of the master that you once known before. (J) Son of truth;) 🙏

  8. Maria Cristina Santana

    Beautiful Video 😍😍😃😃 Thank you so much and Namastê 🙏💜💙🧡💛🙏

  9. palmtreeleebythesea

    You are a good speaker as is the man I have heard on this channel. Thanks for helping to share the energy of love light

  10. 444k views???!

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