Three Ways to UNLOCK the Subconscious MIND & TAP Into YOUR POTENTIAL! (law of attraction)

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  1. Recommended Video: The EASIEST Law of Attraction SHORTCUT to INSTANTLY Get Into Vibrational Alignment!

    • hi guys, wants to know more about attraction the greatest results that i’ve ever had was by following the Max Miracle Method (i found it on google) definately the best resource that I’ve used.

  2. is there any easier quicker way

  3. Who is the woman speaking in this video? And and is she the spokeswoman for the Your Youniverse channel?

  4. Love this. Since practicing these subconscious mind techniques, I have really improved the way I ask questions. The level of detail and focus is sharper thus resulting in more fulfilling answers. It is so true that your subconscious is waiting to give you the answers you seek. You just have to know what you are asking for and how to ask.

  5. I love listening to this lady’s voice

  6. I’ve did some of these before without knowing where I got them from.

  7. How do we soft focus? Squint or stare until it gets blurry?

  8. Angela Pellegrin

    You are such a gift in my day. Thank you for sharing all that you do!!

  9. This video is a hidden gem. 🙂 Much gratitude!

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