True Stories of “Teleporting” Glitches In Reality! – Down The Rabbit Hole! ~ Episode 8

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  1. ⭕️ 🐇

  2. Am I tripping or was this already uploaded? Or maybe I time traveled? Lol. Genuinely confused bc I know I’ve heard these stories recently 🤔

  3. This is awesome as always. Much love. I’ve had items disappear and reappear too

  4. Genni Gillotte-Hippert

    The debit card thing happens to me all the time! Also my husband pulls up one day to the house, he sees me doing yard work as hes passing to pull in and park. He gets out to greet me and sees im not there🤔 he comes in hugs the kids, comes 3 floors down where i am and have been doing laundry for over an hr.. Different clothes too. He chalks this up to hus imagination. Im like uh hibey thats quite an imagination! He gers freaked out and drops it…

  5. Hey justin ever read joe dispenza
    Becoming supernatural
    I have it already

  6. Sounds like a poltergeist. They do attach to people often younger disturbed people. They have been seriously researched and manifest by rearranging things chaotically. No I don’t know how or why.

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