TRUST the UNIVERSE’S Plan For You! (Law Of Attraction in 2019)

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  2. I see no way out of my calamity. Years of giving and I’m empty; and angry. The wheels have fallen off everything. I can’t even sleep properly. All coz I WON’T be
    a good free range slave like everyone else. Kali yuga! I look forward to dying

  3. You always have the greatest metaphors! Wonderful video 💕 thanks for taking the time to make these 😊

  4. This kinda bounced off😅
    I will repeat it…

  5. God = Universe
    It’s God’s plan what’s best for all of us

  6. This so applies to my current situation
    Thank you!

  7. I loved the metaphor! Thank you

  8. Don’t miss what the universe has in store for us. All we need is prepare ourselves and understand what universe has stored in for us.

  9. Jezz, mature women are so hot and intelligent.

  10. What is the right resolve?

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