Two Breathing Practices to Expand Awareness & Harmonize the Brain for More Manifestation Power

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  2. I am a Hindu by birth and I am already doing this every morning and before sleep since childhood.

    • What has religion got to do with breathing?

    • Yahu Yahu because what has been stated in this video is completely a part of Hinduism .

    • I am a taoist and am already doing this, I am a Muslim Sufism and am already doing this, breathing techniques are not exclusive to Hinduism. lakshya announced his religion, which I am sure he is proud off, and good luck to him. But he could as easily stated, I do this breathing technique every morning. Just as I practised breathing, way before I practised my religion, which just happens to be …….does it matter.

    • Shield K1 well said

    • why do you have to turn this into a pissing contest? Ok he said he’s a Hindu. So what? Try to take the positive in this video & stop bickering.

  3. In Hinduism you actually live the lifestyle of a yogi.

  4. Thank you consciousness!!

  5. I am a little bit confuse about law of attraction, which is I think it will lead someone to being atheist……

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