Understanding The Principles of Success, and The Principles of Failure!

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    Justin some folks are saying that the secret is illuminati is it true

    • Snehden Cardoso these are all Biblical principles…but like anything it can be distorted and used negatively.

  2. The best thing I heard today!! Thank you!

  3. Dumindu Devanarayana

    Am from sri lanka.. Yes ur are an World class motivator.. U are my Mentor!!

    Thanks Justin!!

    Keep me high always!! Thanks for the Knowledge!!

  4. Wholeness

  5. Thanks Justin, so much.

  6. Thank you bro

  7. Health, Weight & Real Talk

    Okay. You and your wife both quit your jobs, but I’m certain both of you had some type of savings to make this possible. I think it’s important to let people know that as well , so they don’t end up homeless. Love your channel.

  8. Thank you!

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