Unlock the Hidden Powers Within You – Applying Your Larger Abilities (law of attraction)

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  1. Vaincre La Codépendance

    18:30 you can not control anything in your life however, until you’re above it you can not control what is in your body until you realize that you are above your body, you can not control what is in your mind until you realize that you are above your mind and therefore, no one can use the portions within them to any extent so long as they think of themselves as being the body or as being the mind.

  2. This is a very helpful video and I would recommend you doing a few more if these I have finally found out how to unlock my hidden powers

  3. Hey you scrolling down the comments , you have mind power . Have a good day .

  4. I love this… Use the power we are born with to unlock 🔑 our lives to our fullest potential!! ⭐️🙌🏻🙋🏻👏🏻

  5. The only “I Am” I know is Yahweh, God, King of Kings, loving Father of us all, & Creator of the universe.🙏

  6. People don’t know what their missing.

  7. What a pleasure it is to listen to such a wonderful vibrant voice conveying such important info. So many thanks, much love and God bless you x

  8. In June I had an experience of cosmic awareness. It has totally changed everything I thought I knew. I would enjoy the ability at will to maintain the perception and enter the realm at liberty. I Am learning, waking, becoming more aware. This is a fantastic Channel. Thank you!

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