Visualization: The Key To Success, and The Key To Failure! (Use This!)

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  1. Much love to you Justin! Many blessings and success to you, inside and out <3 Thank you for creating this channel so all of us can rise together. Namaste~

  2. Ganesha卍卐Stevie

    Its our words that create.

  3. JUSTIN! may I ask what Music you got in that background? ^_^ Thanks! Much love

  4. Thank you Justin and you are creators. I’m so grateful I stumbled across this channel. It has definitely made an impact on my life, and I too share this with as many people who will listen. Thank you for the encouragement I never got. I love you!;!

  5. Thank you so much Justin, for all you’ve done and all you do. I love you bro! When I really began to question, truth, reality, why I’m here. What is wrong or right, I started from the point I was at, which was religion. I knew there was truth in it, but I also knew it only gave me little pieces that always felt like just the tip of an iceberg. My wife had just decided she didn’t want to be with me anymore (and before anyone feels bad…that was what I needed) it was what I needed. It broke me down so low, I knew I couldn’t go on without KNOWING, for myself, what this journey was all about. I felt very alone in my search in those early years. But I had this fire in me. It felt like a literal fire, in my solar plexus. Sometimes I would be up for days reading and watching videos. Searching. As time has passed I’ve seen so many like yourself, come forward and share your truth. I knew it was my truth too.

    So I just truly want to thank you for being out there. Sharing all you share. You’re helping so many people in this wold to open their minds to new truths they never imagined before. I’m doing the same in my own way brother, and I don’t ever feel alone anymore. Sending you and your family all my love, and appreciation.

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  7. Visualisation is not permanent i think bcoz someone told me this. Hologenic is best and permanent then what is this how to do this

  8. I love you Justin! You helped me follow my dreams and visualize my ideal self and now I’m ready to give back to the world! Sending you high vibrational frequency 💜 thank you so much for all your videos and help!!!!

  9. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️

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