WAKE UP & GRIND – Best Motivational Speech

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  1. Motivation To Move

    “My entire life can be summed up in four word: I hustled. I conquered. ”

  2. God bless everybody who is reading this!❤️

  3. Burning question: Why do almost all of your thumbnails feature Will Smith or Denzel Washington?

  4. Sometimes the best way out is the way through….believe in you and go for it!!!!

  5. Yahya Don Yee Muhammad

    Thank You For This Information…

  6. I haven’t stopped grinding and building my channel this year. It will pay off and I can’t wait.
    Thank you so much for putting these videos together and keeping me going.

    • Vanquished Motivation

      Same I just started making my channel 3 weeks ago and even though it isn’t big now it will be bigger If i put the work into it

  7. Old Dudes Wisdom - Life requires Wisdom Channel

    Fear is a reaction; Courage is a decision. The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is being yourself everyday in a world that tells you to be someone else 🖖

  8. “The bow too tightly strung is easily broken.” 🙏

  9. Vanquished Motivation

    At first when you start something it will be hard as it should be, but after year of grinding every single day you will see results.
    “It is all about the time you put into your dreams that will turn your dreams into reality”

  10. So true… to make an omelet you got to break the eggs… Like success, failure is many things to many people. With positive mental attitude, failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, and a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order to prepare to try again.

  11. Nature Inspired Meditation

    this channel produces the best motivational videos. You guys should really take the information he conveys serious, I listened to him a couple of times and have now gathered courage to start my meditation channel called Nature Inspired Meditation. It was a bold step for me because i was afraid to fail on youtube but i started about a week and a half ago and its going pretty good. you can check it out and support.Big ups Law of Attraction Coaching continue to inspire young people like us

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