“We bought a rainforest!” (Outside House Tour!) Instagram live Q&A with Justin and Ericka!

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  1. Jolene Seebacher

    Congrats to you beautiful people

  2. Mystic's Journey

    This is awesome. Wow I feel like you’ve documented your journey for years and now to see it in full manifestation. I can’t help but laugh. It’s really allowing yourself to break the old self programming and creating the new with visualization and putting in the work. This is awesome. Thank you.

  3. Lilibeth Medina

    I am lilibeth medina from oman
    I am the creator…

  4. Creator Within You

    Congrats, looking very niceπŸŒπŸ˜™πŸ’›πŸ‘Œ

  5. My husband and I look up too you and your wife…congrats..and thank you for everything you guys both do..we listen to you everyday..

  6. Gilberto Guerra

    I can’t see your video right side up.

  7. Lightworker Monica

    Gorgeous home and landscape!! 😍

  8. You guys we’re sideways! 🀣🀣

  9. Black love!!!! Congratulations

  10. Thank you! Guys so much for answering my question on Instagram live! I’m so happy and excited for you!

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