“We Saw A Man Teleport!” – Down The Rabbit Hole! ~ Episode 12

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  1. I have always believed in this but no one ever believes me

  2. Could someone please clarify. Did they all arrive at the same time?

  3. George Knapp co-authored “Hunt for skin walker” (on audio) free from library. 10 year study, millions spent, everything documented. Ranch in Utah purchased by a billionaire businessman. Reliable eye witnesses saw what mainstream would say is impossible. Dave Pauildes writes a series of books “missing 411” (canam missing) about people who simply vanish. Just because mainstream can’t explain things, doesn’t mean worm holes, portals (call them what you will) are non existent.

  4. I love it!!!! Be great to talk to someone like Zeus. Hey Ghost Ghost that is awesome!!!!

  5. I came home once from after work and my cat was on the rug I walked passed him and he cut my toe. I yelled and I could feel my toe / sock fill with some blood. I took my sock off and sure enough there was blood on my toes. So … I put my foot under water and thought too myself I wonder how long this is going take to heal. WELL, after cleaning my toes from the blood … I couldn’t find any cut anywhere, no blood no nothing. I was completely healed like NOTHING nothing was there no scratch no nothing,

  6. Thank you soooo much justin.. I loveeee down the rabbit hole, and I always think of teleporting to another country 😊

  7. Nice story…


  9. Just ask chris angle, he has teleported impossibly many times


    All things are possible!

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