What Does Time and Money Freedom Look Like to You?

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  1. What the#×+do you people do?

  2. Is there any one consultant from INDIA.If yes please suggest how to contact

  3. Infact want to become PGI consultant too

  4. A beautiful Idea

  5. Ya Mr Bob

  6. Wow so powerful and inspiring!

  7. Hello Bob i hear from Nepal, eagar to learn life changing points

  8. I learnt the best lessons in the worst situations of my life. I wasn’t at the time but looking back I’m very grateful for those situations because they helped mould me into who I have become today and I’m proud of how far I’ve already grown in life against all the odds. I’m a work in progress probably always will be but I hope to help people with my knowledge, wisdom, intuition and belief 🙏

  9. at the first step how can I teach someone sth when I don’t have the evidence myself to prove it works. should not we reach the results first? ( evidence should not come from somewhere other than teaching ? )

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