What Frequency are You Thinking on? | Bob Proctor

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  1. This is it right here 🔥👍

  2. The FREQUENCY we choose to think on, determines the REALITY we manifest.
    Friends, no matter how life might be throwing challenges at you, strive to ONLY FOCUS your THOUGHTS on your desired reality, then you WILL manifest just the same.

    • SALEEM KHAN Hello dear, this is an example of what I meant.

      Whenever we have life issues, e.g waiting for the lovely partner, new job, financial breakthrough, healing for a family member etc

      Our attention tends to be on our NEEDS, in that case, OUR VIBRATION is low, as we on thinking on a FREQUENCY of LACK and SCARCITY.

      To MANIFEST those DESIRES faster, strive to do this instead: FOCUS on the IMAGINATIVE REALITY of your DESIRES, not on the physical appearing evidences of the absence of our desires (what you choose to believe is your reality, which you focus on, is what you manifest)

      Note: it takes determination, but trust me, results are guaranteed. My clients always see great results once they shift to this. YOU WILL TOO. Cheers♥️

    • @Christa Bello Thanks Dear.Please give one efficient exercise to sump it up all the above precious points.
      If you don’t mind (if you’ve enough experience – Please be my mentor too without money – I want to transform my life for a better.)
      if I said anything improper then forgive me.

    • @SALEEM KHAN Hey dear, sure! I’m here to help. To further answer your questions, I suggest you head over to my channel, loads of free valuable resources are there and still coming massively. Also feel free, to connect with me on IG @ChristaBelloCo. Make sure you say Hi, so I know it’s you. Let me know you need anything further. Cheers

    • @Jessica Brady Much love!

    • @Christa Bello Thanks, Dear.

  3. Thank you so much for these videos I’m very thankful for them

  4. Excellent explanation. You rock Bob Proctor

  5. Claribel Subiendo Frecuencias

    Frequency’s all that exist… we just have to tune into the one that we wants is like we waiting for the best wave 🌊 for enjoy surfe in it and enjoy 👍🏼😍

  6. Bobbbbyyyyyy P!

  7. First time I hear him talking like he’s scolding the audience lol. He’s awesome!

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