What REAL Self-Love Is & Avoiding the Common Misconceptions

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  1. Solomon Lovely Love

    Bravo 👌👌👌

  2. Nice video Leeor. Thanks. Really appreciate your videos.

  3. Thank you Leeor! I really appreciate every word you say… I guess sometimes I need a reminder of how to love my self, thanks for being there… Love from Argentina ❤️

  4. I was doing a tarot reading for myself about how my future with caricature was going to look for the next year.. it said that my creative projects will prosper but financially and materially it would be a juggle/balance, then you started talking about not giving into materialistic things and what will fulfill me, perfect synchronicity there thanks leeor reminding me why I’m doing it in the first place, because I enjoy it 🙂

  5. the problem i have with self love…is my fear of being arrogant…i will rephrase that..was may fear of being arrogant or nonchalant…i haven’t or in the recent past hadn’t quite got the balance..since i was too worried of appearing as above…i’m not now!took a lot to learn to stop giving through..guilt..and fear of loss…haven’t quite mastered that part..but starting to notice the negative connotations attached when i do…mainly giving away your power..especially at the end of an exchange if you feel duped..conned..or stepped on….a funny story..so outside our sainsbury’s supermarkets we have one or two homeless people who usually stand outside and beg..for the past 5years always gave one guy and his dog wether i could afford it or not…last week i cut it out…when he complained i wouldn’t go in and buy him something when i was in a hurry..that unappreciative entitled exchange..woke me up..as sad it is to say.i did not make his choices throughout his life..but it was the impression i was given….same place..a woman this time i had a couple of pounds in change..as soon as i gave it to her..she ran in the bookies with my money..right in front of me..i saw red..now i avoid sainsbury’s..people have become so unappreciative..its unbelievable..i know i will continue to always give to charity but now i’m sticking to charity shop.still ..how do we find that balance..between feeling self love without thinking we are being arrogant or cold.or stop giving through guilt..(i think that my problem..i may not have much..but i feel terrible when i see others with less..though..not my fault..i take on this guilt..wow this self analysis is really helpful from a detached perspective….?another long comment..oh my..your videos are triggering me today..lol..sorry in a good way.. thanks for letting me purge..or at the very least putting those scenarios in a space i could step back and clearly see my flaws….your right about chi gung. and internal arts..it saved me mentally and emotionally during my awakening period..to remain connected..if only principally..as a person..if you get the meaning..thank you again for this video.your really helping me heal..through reflection and reconnecting ..😄 god bless. alway…👍🙏

  6. I was beaten up by someone famous two years ago. A video was posted of me on YouTube to make me look crazy, frame me, and I lost my modeling career because of it. Then I lost both my jobs due to severe ptsd and not being able to work from my injuries. Also the guy who beat me ups friend stole my phone. Before you say “sue him” he is broke. Also I tried to go through with the criminal case and he was not found guilty. I was screwed over by so many people. I ended up homeless. Sleeping out of my car. Was put in severe debt to the point I have had to become a dancer because my bills will go in collection and I will lose the little I have if I can’t pay them. Then the guy who beat me up would come into my club. I tried to get a restraining order because he even approached me one time after the incident. But the judge told me talking to me and touching my arm doesn’t file for domestic violence under a restraining order. Him and his friends still harass me. I don’t have any real friends or family. I am now having to sleep with people for money because having two jobs would not even help me get out of the hole I’m in. Also, it’s hard to make money as a dancer. I also still suffer with depression and it makes it hard to work sometimes. So tell me, I know my worth and I know what I deserve. But after being raped, abused, sexual assaulted, and robbed, tell me, if there is something beautiful and whole out there why is this happening to me? Because I don’t want to hurt anyone and I do love myself. But I love myself so much I don’t want to end up on the streets. And I’m having to have to do things that go against my morals to survive. I’ve meditated, done therapy, tried forgiving, and the universe keeps taking more and more from me to the point I’m wanting to give up and become homeless. Like something’s gotta give. So tell me please, if I love myself, because I do, why is this happening to me? you might argue that if I did love myself I wouldn’t be doing these things. But I literally had no other choice. There is much more to my story than that, but that’s the gist. And I’m tired. It’s been three years of hell. Moving place to place and trying to make ends meet. I don’t want to struggle anymore. I just want to go back to school.

  7. I really like listening to you.

  8. Thanks for this and how at 2:22dont have to change anything about me to make somebody else feel a certain type of way from me dont have to try to be all loveable to feel worthy as beautiful especially in mens eye and the hollywood judgemental critics eye but love your video &your such a beautiful soul and also beautiful out as to what were fed to compare yourselves to covergirl models to consider self as worthy which the men sees our worth in what they see thats attractive first in the eyes which is by what looks beautiful which is different i know whatever preferences and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so US as women and some men too mostly women struggle with feeling good qhen not looking good compared to the models that are basically set to be our role models aesthetically ofcourse but anyways we all know well not all but at ill times were we can look not as attractive say for weight being underweight or overweight which ever ill eating disorder really distorts our features which is such a dramatic transformation making people feel unworthy horrible because their health issue makes them unattractive which we all see you dont have any weight ailments idk if you ever did would love to hear but i know you had the bell’s palsy which dismorphed your facial features foe qhile and you did a vid about how many were distraught and some what taken back because it didnt look like your average facial featurea on the common covergirls mags. And that was so disheartening for you for people not to be so pleased from your image and So anyways my point is i feel as though it could be so much easier for a cover looking girl to say so much about feeling self love inside then you’d see from someone who foesnt look similar to a hollywood glam girl that everyone feels need to appear close to to feel beautiful just as how they big KimK movement everyone was morphing into a kardashian untill people got so tired of it and you see shirts like in a world full of kardashians be a…. A Janis Joplin or whoever else less superficial&fake facedass full of surgeries smh I would💖💖💖if could go more in depth with self worth from image sense has affected and shaped you and how you feel when around more superficial covergirls that are deemed as more attractive in mens eyes and how you feel with less superficial girls that dont look similar at all to covergirls and also if you can really explain more in depth how it felt to feel so unattractive when going through Bells palsy symptoms and btw I 💖how much you’ve evolved in a more innerbeauty .

  9. I like the word nurture more than spoiling because spoiled comes with a bad meaning like when mill goes bad “oh it’s spoiled” or when someone gets a lot of something they’re called spoiled in a bad way nurturing sounds way better and kinder

  10. Hello Leeor! Beautiful video, when it comes to boundaries I think we all have our differences. For some ppl acting entitled with their energy is only the beginning of putting boundaries in place because they’re finally starting to realize their worth but also still have a lil bit of ego involved-I’m guilty of this!💗💕 love to you & your channel amazing soul✨✨✨

  11. This is so true Leeor… self-love is a way of being <3

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