What They Won’t Tell You Regarding The Media…

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  1. You are absolutely right. Every time I watch the news or scroll through the internet I notice how it makes me feel mentally and emotionally. It’s mentally draining. You have to turn it off or you’ll get sucked in. Stay woke and stay safe. Peace & Love ☮️❤️✨

  2. people must understand we are not the body we are spirit. we are all part of God. just as the human body has trillions of cells but belong to one body. we are all cells of Gods body. people have to realize that anger only attracts anger, hate only attracts hate it is the law of the universe (God’s law) the only way to rise above this is to love each other and be one.love attracts love, peace attracts peace. Jesus new this and gave a new comandment John 13:34. people have to wake up and open there eyes and ears .we are not the puppets we are the master. what you think and say you create. The media knows this and uses this they use our own power of mind against us all.All they have to do is paint a picture and leave the rest to our own imagination. stop planting seeds of hate, anger, racism it will only attract more of the very thing . we have to rise above all this if we ever want to live in peace. there is an old saying about two lions living inside of us constantly fighting one good one bad. the question is which lion wins? The one you feed. if anyone has been to Africa look at lions for example a lion in the northern hemisphere will have a huge main as its colder but a lion from the southern hemisphere will hardly have a main as its hotter. is it not still a lion. of course it is they are one of the same thing. the media is like a gun. a gun dosen’t kill anyone it’s the person holding the gun that kills. the media can be used positively and do positive things or it can be used negatively and do negative things. unfortunately its been used negatively. everything must have a beginning and an end. the power is in you ,now the ending depends on us .

  3. Divided by race, gender, class, politics – don’t believe the narrative- you are woke thanks for posting

  4. Race is fake people are a product of there environment

  5. Thank you SO much for this video. You have said the same thing I’ve been saying about division. Unfortunately, I have been called a racist just because I am white even though I am opposed to what the police did and refuse to choose “a side” as I believe we all matter and I judge by character not skin color. I too am interested in solutions and unity in diversity. Being an election year, I’ve noticed a pattern of politics and parties fighting against each other and spouting more hatred. It continues to manifest and when one speaks out a different view point, they are attacked and treated as though we LOA new age types just go around farting rainbows and ignoring everything. No, it takes a great deal of courage, effort and energy to train oneself to be positive and navigate through this world living the human experience. I still believe in Martin Luther King Jr’s “Dream”. Much Love to you fellow Lightworker! ❤️

  6. I only get news updates to see what they’re up to next. The media’s purpose is to push propaganda which was legalized with the Smith-Mundt bill.

  7. We must be light and love each other’s

  8. Christ is, truth we will stand together brother..

  9. PRAVDA! Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I used to laugh at how Russians were being Brainwashed because they had only one major source for information, and that was their Newspaper “Pravda”…and now, here in the United States we have multiple Media outlets, but it’s all the same Narrative, it is like Russia’s Pravda only cut up many times over…Fortunately I have researched how the Game is played, Manipulation…Learn how it is used, a good start is a book by Eldon Taylor called “Mind Programming”…Turn off the TV, Turn off the Radio, Get off Social Media!

  10. Robert Bryant Lock

    You want to know who’s behind it – just look at Seinfeld – 3 out of 4 of the cast are from this tribe.

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