Why Do I See 222? Manifesting through Numerology with the Law of Attraction

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  1. i dreamt about a lady i used to court almost 4 years ago..then i look at the clock 2:22 am..oh dear..we haven’t seen each other for years😥

  2. 11:11 and now 2:22..

  3. Just saw 22 while seeing this video

  4. Robert why do I see 36 number everywhere…ph battery 36%…time always 5:36 or 6:36 and so on….books always page 36 …what’s the meaning of number 36

  5. Thank you. XX

  6. And the viewers of this video is now 111K

  7. Now I ‘m also seeing 111likes ❤️❤️🥰✨🥰✨🥰😜🥰😜🥰🥰😜🥰😜🥰😜🥰😜🥰✨🥰✨🥰✨🥰🥰❤️🥰😂❤️

  8. Mary Vivanco Avon Representative Online

    Amazing seeing 222 & 111 all day today. And see that this post is 111k views. I’m so bless…

  9. Thank you you are wonderful

  10. Thank you

  11. Crazy it’s 22 pm and this showed uo

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