Why Imagination Is So Important And How It Creates Reality!

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  2. Nina Larisch-Haider

    Very interesting and it has broaden my understanding about all these processes.

  3. Great stuff, can’t wait for the next chapter. :0)

  4. Yes i would like to learn more.Thank you

  5. People need to educate themselves about this, specially religious people. They create what they imagine to be true. That’s some see weird creatures of satan or lucifer or whatever and belief to be true, when in reality they are creating it themselves. We are all responsible for whatever we create in this world.

    • are they really creating it? or is it just their perception of it? do the things they imagine actually come into physical reality? I don’t think so

    • For a good read if you are intrested in that sort of thing, the warhammer 40k fantasy series is very intresting from a philosophical standpoint in that gods and such concepts are given form by us.

  6. There are limitations. If you believe spiderman is real will it come about in physical reality? NO

    IF you jump off a building and try to fly, will you? NO you will die.

    Imagination doesn’t create reality. You can get ideas from your reality but you have to ACT on them in the physical world through massive ACTION.

    Please try to prove me wrong

    • Ashley, Physical reality is what one believes it to be. If Spiderman or one of the gods is imagined/believed to be real in the physical reality, it is so. Physical reality is subjective, there is or there is not objective beyond subjective. If someone jumps off a building and you believed they died, then they did( to you). However, can you prove they are not flying and are dead to someone that believes that person is flying and not dead?  Nope, because people believe reality is what ever they want it to be. Belief is reality: please prove me wrong. You don’t seriously believe Spiderman is not real in the physical world do you?  🙂

    • As the great Richard Feynman says, Physics is like imagination in a straightjacket.
      I’d like to believe that all intellectual achievement is.

  7. This Ebook is called “Simple Ways To Create Reality” very good stratigies I noticed..

  8. What a beautiful soul.

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