Winter Rituals for a STRONG New Year

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  1. You are very intelligent and so well-connected to your past.

  2. This was amazing. I love these tips and they resonate for what I feel like I need to do to get back on a good cycle!

  3. watching this from south hemishere hahahaha, its summer here

  4. Thank you leeor ❤️

  5. 2020 is going to be a good year, 2019 was very hard for many of us.

  6. You’re so calming Leeor, love you 💗

  7. i love the Hebrew idea ✨✨ i don’t have enough money tho . i do support you all the way ilysm

  8. I just realized why I wanted to sleep for so long! I was beating myself up because of this but now I understand that’s natural. Thank you so much Leeor~♡

  9. I avoided the cold a looot last winter & then went through a lot of difficulty in the Spring.

  10. Get F.lux for your computers guys. Nightshift isn’t the best for your eyes and brain.

  11. L, thank you so much for your content. Your videos are so uplifting 💕💕💕

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