Writing It Down Will Make It Happen! Manifestation Monday 3 – 12 Law of Attraction Success Stories

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  1. DON’T FORGET – TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD! I love you have a lovely week! STAY ON TRACK! Or don’t, and just goof off! Enjoy your life the way you see fit!

    • ShanaJahsintaWalters

      +Leeor Alexandra, I manifested EC$200.00 on Friday. Now I am going to manifest EC$2, 000.00.

    • Leeor Alexandra one of my goals in life is to be a successful beauty guru on YouTube. Although I haven’t filmed this month I have acquired equipment that will help my channel grow and allow my videos to be better quality. My big problem was lighting because here in New York we haven’t been experiencing consistent sun (especially on weekends when it’s best for me to film). So I became interested in buying a ring light but I did not want to dish out the $150 for it. So I put the ring light in my cart on Amazon and just clicked the “save for later” button. About a week or so after the light was in my cart, it ended up going on sale for $89. So I got a ring light, stand, camera holder, and those soft cover things for $89. This made me so happy and is a sign from God that I will reach my goal.

    • Leeor Alexandra this video almost made me cry. In the beginning of the month I watched the video you posted in the begging of March, as I was watching it I kept asking myself “what do I want to do with my life” my career path is customer service, I’ve been doing it for years. I’m tired of it. I love love kids, but was never in love with the idea of being a teacher. Well as I was watching the video GIRL! I OF NO WHERE, I said out-loud I WANT TO OWN A DAYCARE!!! I want to be my own boss! And I immediately started doing a lot of research and am now working on owning my own daycare. I will be my own boss by Spring next year, Only because I am moving from my current location and don’t want to start it now and then leave all the parents with out care when I move. BUT I now know everything I need. I’m also saving a lot of daycare ideas from Pinterest, and planing out learning lessons. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME POSITIVE AND MOTIVATED. I watch your videos every morning. God bless you.

    • I start my new job as a Photographer tomorrow. It was exactly one month from the day i did 17 seconds visualizing to the day i received the call I was successful in my application. I believed I could do it and I would.

    • Leeor Alexandra plz rpl , Can I manifest a government job to my specific person by following all ur videos ?

  2. yayy i appreciate this perspective on letting go. the wording shifted something within me and rly resonated. thank uuuu

  3. Baby Elephants…who is Aaron ?? She speaks of him in almost every video

  4. Where can I get your necklace?

  5. Is there a way to use negative energy you feel from others and turning it into positive?

  6. Thank you for this video ❤️ this popped up in my recommended just after midnight, it’s now September 1 and I am so grateful for the abundance I am manifesting!

  7. u r beautiful with or without makeup

  8. I’ve achived literally ALL the goals my bullet journal in THREE months !! I literally can’t believe it !!! I set these goals in the beginning of 2019 and didn’t do much about them till October when I made a simple plan to focus on a certain area of u life each month until December AND I repgorammed my subconscious mind by tracking my thoughts and rewrote them in the positive version and read them out everyday !! It absolutely changed my life !!! I still remmebr Oct 13 when I decided to change!!! It’s alll so magical to look back at now !!!!

  9. You are gorgeous..I love you ..u v been helping me transform my life into my dream life…thank you so much for all of your help.

  10. Don’t be deceived, no necklace or bracelet can protect you. There is no such thing as luck or magic. May your eyes and ears be open to all truth. Amen

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