You? A Best Selling Author! – FREE Training with Peggy McColl & Bob Proctor

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  1. Thanks You I AM Receiving ALL Now Period

  2. Anthony Nghị Nguyễn

    Thank you so much, Mr President Bob Broctor

  3. Bob is THE Man and top of my list for inspirational mentors.

  4. This video is nothing but an hour long ad for her course.

    Bob you’re really amazing and I love your work.

  5. jer kong sui dou boh mi yong, jum moi yui jer wu wei der kong, fi kong sier sui yui hai mi nang lueu teir hai mi, jen ji si fi kong.

  6. Thank you Bob. I don’t know how to start because all of my books are in Portuguese. I’d like to learn what Peggy said but I need to know if I have to translate my book first.

  7. It’s so amazing to see the Universe work in your favor when you begin to understand your potiential. I’m currently reading think and grow rich, and one of the first things I did was to write my “Definite Chief Aim ” well, it is to be a best-selling author, and the very next day, with the law of attraction, attracted this video to me. I asked the Universe to send me a mentor and it sent Bob, and he has been mentoring me ever since, unbeknownst to him, lol, and I have learned valuable and transforming information from him…however, it looks like I have another mentor in Peggy and although I cannot afford to take the program at the moment, I do look forward to doing so in the future and being one of her success stories! Thanks again for the information!

  8. You dont want to help! You want to sell sell sell…! AWFUL!!!

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