You Become What You Think About! ( Law Of Attraction)

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  1. Great information to take us to the Dreams we all want.. 🚀

  2. I AM SO Blessed

  3. *Good program  [ Check Details here ===**** ], I’m seeing some results, and looking forward to many more results, and a better future.*

  4. thanks for the video…
    don’t only.. watch start thinking positively

  5. Possesed Noctis

    if I think Iam a vampire will I become one?

  6. I believe you become what you habitually do and not think..

  7. So beautiful. Thank you. <3

  8. Loved it! I love how he included God as everything which is the way, the truth and LIFE

  9. Learn to Fear God, and you will not Fear anything … if you desire Peace , practice doing Gods Law , and ask god for the Holy spirit/ The Comforter , by Keeping and practicing The Law will bring Us closer to God , and it will shine the Light on Our Sins which we are committing that keeps Us from the Love of God. Do not be deceive Christ did Miracles not Magic! If we want to do the same Miracles as Christ did we Must Humble Ourselves and do the Will of God ….How?? please watch YouTube video>> “Humility” andrew murray

  10. Stupidity!

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