“You Create The Reality You Live In” – (Real Neville Goddard Lecture!)

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  1. Thanks brother! I love Neville with some background music. Beautiful. And anyone reading this, I testify I’ve used Neville’s teaching to manifest amazing luxuries

    • If our lordjesus christ acknowledged that religion is only for israellians and rest of people are slaves animals for take their rights to usury and deined last day for resurrection and occounting they would have made him king but he rejected blackmail and his commend spread religion for all all people and patience ….will return

  2. Do anyone know of the author or the books Neville is talking about that he gave to the psychologist? Neville mentions that the book is no longer in print ect. I would love to find a pdf or something from the author.

  3. Anybody know of the books he speaks about that are out of print?

  4. I am perfectly normal.

  5. I believe in a lot of this stuff but here is where I have a problem with this. Neville Goddard said “we are the cause of the circumstances of our life”. So then little children and babies are responsible for being abused? The unborn child is responsible for being born with a birth defect?

    • Nope but the subconscious baby, the babies body are impressed by the vision life of his parents… So that’s why some baby can born with diseases or be abused etc.
      It’s only when the baby will grow his own consciousness that he will be able to change his way of interpreted life and consequences.
      Do I did clear?

    • +HERO NO-42 good explanation. Not sure if I buy it but there could be some merit to it.

  6. I love listening and feeling and seeing and knowing (thank you)

  7. Lol at all of the people doubting that this works or coming in here to try to persuade other that it doesn’t. I’ve used this to pass classes that I would have otherwise failed, attract acceptance into my dream university, and attract money from out of thin air. There is nothing you can say to me to convince that this isn’t real.

  8. Am I the only one who hears the rock music?

  9. So beautiful 💖thank you!

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