YouAreCreators Positive Affirmation Posters- Available Now!

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  1. awesome!

  2. We all need reminders, purchase yours now!

  3. our worst enemys are doubt and fear.

    • Ismail alaoui abdellaoui

      procrastination and desires. ego in general. all what’s in the mind or the mind it self as it is now, the two hemisphere of the mind with the yin and yang unpurified stopping the identity of the Devine in the heart in the center to ever shine through

    • Ismail alaoui abdellaoui

      but that’s all auto sabotage.

  4. Ismail alaoui abdellaoui

    free mason? overcoming faith? god is creator … and this is the law between the creature that needs and takes and thanks and worships. and the only God that creats give ans love to see the manifestations of good things on and in and for his loved creatures not only human. and for humans a true religion from messengers of God since Noah till Mohammed is the religion of surrendering to this god .. and is the only way given by God to thank him. and all law of attraction people still hasn’t realised not even a bit of Devine proximity

    • Ismail alaoui abdellaoui

      still the material is good to get rid of auto sabotage good luck folks just pay attention to what you describe, god is higher than all knowing… all those who knew said that the perfect rĂ©alisation is ignorance…

  5. I would love to see on tshirts as well. Expecting $$$ IN MY LIFE and will purchase many of the posters for myself and as Positive gifts to pick folks up mentally. Thx for all that you do.

  6. A crummy commercial !!?

  7. I’m picking some up this channel has helped me day by day , thank you! All the things that are happening are crazy!

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