Your Spiritual DNA is Perfect | Bob Proctor

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  1. Ok so magic is real then? Magic is done with the mind?

  2. Regarding “our spiritual DNA is perfect,” I feel that that conclusion is quite logical. Who/What do we descend from? God. As descended from God, how can we be anything less than perfect? It is only humankind’s mind that has allowed, through false belief, the notion of imperfection to take root. Turn away from that, and know who we truly are, (Know Thyself) and the illusion of imperfection must fall away.

  3. Sandy definitely seems to be getting better at presenting. I’m finding myself more compelled and able to understand the info. Happy for you Sandy

  4. I can’t wait to meet you Bob xxx Leah Justyce I’m connected with Heidi Allen.

  5. I am the energy level that my mind body computer is in alignment with. The realization of ones fullest potential depends upon ones ability to bring forth a high energy vibration directed toward a specific set of tasks that have been proven to increase (multiply) the supposed object(s) whether mental, physical or spiritual within a specific organized framework.

  6. This is no different to a ‘religious miracle worker’ Tell people they are amazing, tell people you can do anything just by thinking. Tell people ‘I did it, look at me’ create a large database of followers and charge them a fortune.

    I knew that just by thinking.

  7. Mr. Bob Procter, I really appreciate you, but how do I know you are really reading people’s energies? Napoleon Hill said in the right thinking you have to check your facts I want to answer me because in psychology there is something called writing a text applies to everyone and I saw you repeat the same phrases with different people. I am very very grateful for your answer to me

  8. Good stuff!

  9. Hi iam from india

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