Your Subconscious Mind And Human Relations! ~(Powerful information!)

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  1. info is great! soo true about our reactions to things. the voiceover is annoying in this vid but I choose not to let it bother me. we can choose how we react!

  2. Is this from his book?

  3. clear concise thankyou

  4. hahaha happy! thank you!

  5. Thank you Father ❤️💕

  6. Subconscious is a weird word. It’s not esoteric, it’s psychological from the theory of mind = the brain.

  7. Reinventing and Recreating myself. Never react to outside circumstances.

  8. Okay, so the Golden Rule is about thoughts and not just external actions/inactions towards others. I see more and more how I have negative thoughts about people in my private world of thoughts, and how it contributes to anxiety around people. Awareness is the first step of change.

  9. Thank you…for the first time in my life I can see full circle.

  10. I so…needed this. I need to listen to this every day as a reminder. Thanks for sharing.

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