Your Thoughts attract EVERYTHING – Episode 2

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  1. Proctor Gallagher Institute

    Register for the Paradigm Shift – Live or Live Stream here:

  2. Would love to meet you one day Bob 😀

  3. so many lies, such bullshit. “winter never follows winter” has this idiot been to canada ? winter 23 months at a time. every 5 years we have a summer. snow every month of the year ….winter after winter, freezing after cold. he must live in USA anywhere

  4. Where is your next live seminar? Is there a link for the upcoming schedule?

  5. Bob Proctor should meet Dan Lok

  6. Olá Bob, tudo bem!! Por favor conceda me o treinamento eTHINKING INTO RESULTS versão em português não tenho condições financeiras para comprá-lo…, preciso de ajuda e sei que esse programa pode me ajudar, Sou graduado e pós graduado alem de ter feito Perssonal Coaching e mesmo com esse títulos não consigo evoluir, ajude-me por favor. Estou sem emprego e encontro-me em situações financeiras TERRÍVEIS”. Forte abraço e que Deus o abenções.

  7. Bob you ROCK!!! I just discovered you but you are already making a huge impact in my life. Thank you! 🙂

  8. Its just awesome

  9. great video

  10. the music is distracting and really takes from the message. I am a composer and my brain does not tune out music. and why have music that needs to be tuned out in the first place? if it’s to make people emotional, then the message might not be strong enough? but this message is strong and the music is not needed here. plus its way too loud compared to the speech.
    do you have music free videos that you could recommend? or at least with quieter, less intrusive music?
    thank you.

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